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Birthdate:Apr 8
Website:Himitsu no Sensou RP

Name: Raetha
Class:Sister -> High Priestess Dragon Knight -> Dragon Master
Mount: Nymeria (Dragon)
Weapons: Unarmed [B], Axe [C], Lance [C], Staves [D]
Country: Megam
Age:15161718 19
Birthday: April 8, 608
Zodiac: Aries
Blood Type: O+
Family: Father // Sebell [51]; Mother // Menolly [49]; Brothers // Robinton (Rob) [28], Yanus [26], Alemi (Al) [25], Piemure (Pi) [22], Benden (Ben) [21], Jerry (Jer) [19]
Languages Known: Trade [A], Megam [D]

Raetha spent her childhood on Megam's Pavolan Island, a small land mass strewn with the ruins of ancient shrines and temples to the Dragon gods of legend. As the youngest child growing up amidst a very extended family, Raetha learned very early on that privacy is precious, older brothers can be a right pain when you happen to have six of them, and the old ruins on the island were not only very neat looking, they also provided a basic escape service when the need arose -- which is fairly often, when one lives among her six brothers, parents, grandparents, various aunts and uncles, and more cousins than should be possible and/or legal.

Aside from being ridiculously large, Raetha's family was also always very pious; meals did not begin without a prayer to the Dragons of Light, every Holy Festival was observed down to the last detail, and clergymen were welcomed on the island as though they were family themselves. Every child in Raetha's family was instilled with a proper fear and respect of the Dragons, and that coupled with the often awe inspiring ruins she made it a point to explore at every opportunity piqued her curiosity; she boldly declared her intentions to become a Sister to her family at the age of 13, a goal they regarded with some skepticism but greeted with resounding approval none the less.

A year later, Raetha found herself indicted into the temple on the nearby Papan Island, equipped with quite a bit of determination, but woefully lacking in just about everything else that makes an idyllic Sister. Her childhood spent with six older brothers has left quite the mark on her -- she's never been quiet nor composed, she has more of a talent for cracking people's heads with a staff than healing someone with it, she'd much rather be outside wrestling in the dirt than inside meditating on the same old boring prayers -- but nonetheless, she tries her best, just the same.

She became fast friends with two other girls inducted at very near the same time as she; Lillian, a quiet girl she's decided to bring out of her shell herself, if she has to, and Mathilda, an enthusiastic young Sister with an affinity for expressing her thanks to the Dragons for... just about anything, really. Raetha saw both of them as the younger sisters she never had, and they soon became best friends -- regardless of the fact that she acted more like an older brother than anything else, for lack of any other examples from her youth.

Slowly but surely, however, the girls began to realize that they all three of them will almost certainly not meant for Sisterhood. After nearly five years, Raetha saw herself tasked with the same novice chores she'd been doing since she first arrived, while nearly everyone she'd arrived with -- including Lillian -- had moved on to bigger and better things. She couldn't heal, she couldn't remember the words to her prayers, she couldn't even sit still long enough to avoid a rebuke, on Saturday Services ... and while Mathilda wasn't doing much better, they both knew that Lillian was well on her way to becoming a High Priestess.

When Lillian was finally promoted and sent to Lucre to further her study, Raetha slipped into a sullen melancholy; it was not only losing one of her best friends that hurt -- the further reminder that she was never going to get that far was almost worse. And while she still had Mathilda, of course, it seemed that even if Mathilda wasn't leaving, a boy that Raetha had known from her own home island -- Max -- was stealing her away from her, too.

Unsure now of where to go or what to do next, Raetha remains at the Papan Temple, but she knows -- and it's becoming increasingly obvious to everyone else -- that her heart just isn't in it, anymore.

Raetha is a tomboy through and through, having spent most of her childhood wrestling with her older brothers, skinning her knees on ancient rock formations, and dirtying her best clothes chasing frogs from their ponds and lizards from beneath their rocks. She's very competetive, often putting things in terms of contests to be won, especially the things she knows she's best at and likely to "win." She's a very devout believer in the Dragon of Light she's determined to serve, but the clergy's ideas on how best to serve them and her own often don't agree, though she tries very hard to behave the way she is slowly realizing she'll be expected to for her training. She secretly looks to Lillian and Mathilda as guideposts, while priding herself on being their so-called leader just the same.

She's very outgoing, talkative, and rather loud -- another rather unfortunate side effect of her family upbringing, the priests would say, while shaking their heads and clucking their tongues. She doesn't mind the chores and menial tasks those of her rank are expected to do; in fact, she'd much rather be scrubbing pots than shut away in a pristine, quiet chamber, expected to spend hours in meditation and prayer, or sitting stiffly on a cold, hard bench, listening to one of the High Priests drone on for hours about being pious and giving on the road to the Light. Of course, her idea of scrubbing pots usually involves wearing them on her head and chasing Mathilda and Lillian around with various utensils, but that's besides the point, as she'll gladly tell you.

Lately, however, since Lillian's leaving and Max's arrival, she's taken on a quieter persona, keeping more to herself and sulking about the temple more often than not. She's calmed down considerably since her arrival at the temple, though whether that's the cause of her recent depression or simply growing up remains to be seen.

Sporting short, dark reddish-brown hair and warm, bright eyes to match, Raetha's looks hide nothing about exactly who she is -- while the other newly recruited girls in her temple sport properly demure gazes, somewhat pale skin and woefully -- in her opinion -- thin limbs, her eyes boldly meet any who seek them, her skin is tough and tanned from a lifetime spent outdoors, and her physique betrays a certain strength, thanks to years of contesting her strength against that of six older boys. She's tall for a woman at 5'7" with a stout build and a fierce smile she's never been afraid to flash at friends or foes alike.

[Raetha is played by [info]elzie for [info]himitsu_sensou]
[Her PB is Asahina Suzuka, from Suzuka. (Previously, Mamoru, from Sister Princess.)]

Interests (46):

acting impulsively, adventures, annoying older brothers, annoying other priests, bare feet, being a tomboy, being curious, being downright nosy, being outside, being protective, being stubborn, competing, dragons of light, exploring in general, exploring ruins, fidgeting in lessons, fishing, frog in shorts, frogs, getting into trouble, horseplay, ice cream, mud, playing big sister, pretend adventures, rain, ruins, running, running in the rain, sports, summer, swimming, tag, taking charge, talking, teasing lillian, teasing mathilda, temples, the beach, the islands, trying my best, trying to be pious, trying to fit in, wearing pants argh!!!, winning, wrestling
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