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Heyyy, so, the scouts came in today all excited about seeing flags up the pass! Sounds like Lord Hasten's army will be coming through in the next day or so. Pass isn't too bad for the middle of January, this year. 'Course we've been working our tushies off keeping it clear, so there's that.

Good news is they're coming with all sorts of supplies from down south and once they're through and all they need people to deliver them. So I'll be bringing some things back for Lahn. I was thinking if you did finish your training here, I bet you could get signed on carrying messages city to city ... lots of the girls here are doing that, lately. I bet Nym would like that better, but even little dragons can carry more than the pegasi, so supplies it is.

Anyway, I don't even know if you're still reading! If you're not, I'll make you read this when I get back and we can have a laugh about it later.

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