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[Filter: People who know about Suaimeas and Crionna]

The Council made their declaration this morning. It ... sounds almost too good to be true? I keep looking for a catch, but I can't find one.

They said that Lady Crionna's will is paramount, and in accordance with her wishes, Megam will seek a lasting peace with the Adveni people, beginning with a declaration that Chartri will be considered a new settlement in its own right. They're going to dispatch arbiters to work out the specifics. They'll probably want to talk to you, Tavi, so you should be ready for that. It'll take them a few weeks.

In addition, the Adveni quarters of all the major cities will be rebuilt, and the Adveni may select one "elder" -- they weren't sure what you'd want to call it -- to serve as a liaison between the city magistrates and the Adveni people. The arbiters will explain all of that when they get to Chartri, as well. I'm sure they'll explain it better than I could, I didn't understand half of what they said. So, um. But it sounded reasonable!

They're going to punish any cities that are found to be purposely causing undue harm or disobeying Lady Crionna's wishes, and ... oh, and they begged you to come back, Suaimeas. They're afraid that you're plotting some kind of punishment, wherever you went.

The orders are being sent to every major city via the Holy Guard today! So everyone should know about this within a couple days.

Um, it's hard to tell what the reactions are so far. Most people just go a little slack jawed when I get anywhere near them, so I know they aren't saying what they really think if they think I can hear them. But this is what we wanted, right? This should avoid a civil war.

[Filter: Ally]

I think we should do something to celebrate!
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