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I don't know what I think of that. It's just so huge. And that wasn't even all of it! How much deeper could it possibly go? If that's supposed to really explode ... I guess I can see why they're so worried. But it doesn't seem to actually do anything, does it? It's just sort of there.

I can't help but wonder if the priests are just making it worse ...

[Filter: Ally and Chartri]

Well, we made it, in case anyone was worried. That was some storm, huh? I guess it is that time of year.


We talked to the Guard, this morning. They let us in to see the, um, artifact. I can't believe how deep inside that cave it was. ... And how big it was. I can't even imagine how something like that gets built, let alone buried -- and then dug up! ... Sort of. I mean, it's only part dug up, right?

We told them it was dangerous, but I don't know if they really believed that. At least, not enough to stop trying to figure out what it is, and what it's doing there. And when they asked how we knew about it, well, we told them about Prudence and Patience -- I'm hoping, if they know you're there, they'll just leave Chartri alone. Like they should. Only, they didn't really believe that, either, and now they want to actually see them -- you -- and I told them I'd ask.

It couldn't hurt, could it? It's not like they could stop you from leaving, once they saw what you were. That's sort of the whole point ... they ought to just leave you alone, because they can't win against real dragons.

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