Dec. 1st, 2013

ivoryscales: (sup)
[Filter: Prudence, Patience and the Adveni]

So -- where are you?

Ally and I have been hiding out here for days! We can't go to any villages out here, we're too close to Lucre for that. If anyone sees Nym they'll know exactly who we are and word will get out and I don't want to make this more complicated than it already is, okay? I thought you were going to be here today! Or yesterday! What's going on?

We have a lot to go over, Ally is working on making notes of all the things you two are going to have to learn before we go marching into Lucre and tell everyone what you are. We really need to get started as soon as we can. You hardly know anything about our Scriptures, and there are other things we need to get sorted, too, like what we're going to call you, we can't introduce you as Prudence and Patience, that'll never work.

And we need to decide where we're meeting, too! So, what's going on?

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